Termite Risk Management: Is your Property at Risk?

The home is somewhere no one wants termite infestations to be. Protection against termites is a must that should be kept in mind by all residents. In this blog, you will get thorough information on how to protect yourself against the damaging effects of termite infestations. Most people assume termites pose a threat to woods only, but it is not the case. So, let’s have a look at the termite risk management tips below. 

Why Do Termites Form Nesting’s In Homes? 

There are so many signs that your home is a breeding ground for termites. 

  • Moisture in walls during the rainy season attracts termites. The moisture can occur due to many reasons like- pipe leaks, improper drainage, rains or stagnant water on roofs. 
  • Wooden fences attached between ground & soil prove to be an important sign for termites’ presence. 
  • Large amounts of cellulose debris, mainly the construction lumber, wood logs left against walls draw termites.
  • Keeping plants too near to the home may create moisture. This in turn invites termites into the house.

Effective Termite Risk Prevention Procedures 

Here are some easy to follow precautions to control termite activity and boost termite risk management. 

Designing or Building A Structure 

  • One should use termite-proof products like- slabs of concrete, termite-resistant wood, steel framing or metallic fences. This will assist in ensuring less penetration of termites. 
  • Moreover, physical barriers can also be used to prevent termites from attacking the home’s structure. It involves regular termite control and inspection services in Toowoomba

Purchasing The Property

  •  On purchasing a property, you have to pay close attention to the structure. So, it’s highly recommended to opt for a professional pre-purchase termite inspection service. 
  • Post termite inspection, as for a detailed report on the type, extent and damage issues relating to termites. Based on this analysis, take the design of purchasing. 

Tips & Tricks To Control Termites 

  • Keep Surrounding Soil Dry: Maintaining dry soil around your home’s structure avoids termite infestation. So, continuously check your drainage and grading systems. 
  • Less Number Of Openings: You must restrict the number of openings of your home. Ensure the windows and doors are not necessarily open. Fill up the wall or furniture cavities as they occur. You may use grout or cement to seal up the voids. 
  • Avoid Soil In Contact With Wood: The woods are an inseparable part of homes. It can be found in porches, decks, posts, fences and sidings. So, any wood in touch with home boundaries is at risk. So, it is highly recommended to maintain at least a two inches gap between the two.  
  • Live in a leak-free home: Always maintain a good piping system. The more the water leaks, leading to more moisture which means more termites. 
  • Avoid Vegetation Near Structure: In case, you have a kitchen garden, make sure the vegetation is not touching the wooden structure of your home. This can be done by regularly trimming and cutting shrubs and trees. 
  • Dispose Of the Construction Lumber: The leftovers from construction work should be either burnt or disposed of. This will prevent termites from nestlings in waste lumber. 

How Fast Can Termites Nest Your Home? 

There are so many factors on which the speed of termite nestings depends. These cover the level of warmth and moisture present in the home and the time period of the termite colony. The termites are fond of humid climates. The fact is that the age of the termite colony can tell a lot about the nesting. An old colony can have 200 termites active, whereas a fresh nesting may have 100 active workers. Old nesting can take around four years to destroy the whole property. 

The best way to prevent further growth of termites is to stop their infestation at the early growing stage. Hidden and dark spaces are usually the treat point for termites. Keep a check on: 

  • The timber furniture because it breaks down easily. 
  • Holes or cracks in plaster or timber with the residue of dust
  • Furthermore, mud-like tubes on walls and woody items or in internal pipelines and electricity plugs.

How Can Our Professional Termite Exterminators Help You? 

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